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The administration of deceased estates is in itself a complex process and knowing that your affairs will be taken care of in a professional, organised and caring manner will assist in relieving the burden from loved ones left behind.


Geyser & Coetzee Attorneys with a sound, working knowledge and years of expertise in the winding up of deceased estates, can assist to guide the process, from reporting the deceased estate to the Master of the High Court, through application of procedures prescribed by law, to the final distribution of the estate to the beneficiaries.

Our Estate services include, amongst others:

  • Appointment as executor by the Master of the High Court

  • Advertise for creditors

  • Drafting liquidations and distribution accounts

  • Advertising liquidations and distribution account

  • Distribution of the estate to beneficiaries

  • Payment of creditors

  • Preparation of cash statements

  • Distribution of assets

  • Transfer of fixed property

  • Signing off the estate by the Master of the High Court



Without the necessary and pro-active steps, your legacy and wealth could quite easily be destroyed. It is better to plan and make provision in advance than to leave your loved ones with unwanted surprises. Geyser & Coetzee Attorneys will through careful consideration, meticulous planning and effective structuring of business and other interests protect the legacy of your hard work most effectively.


It is of vital importance that your will is drafted in such a manner that it is valid, binding and enforceable. It is of utmost importance that our clients take the time to draw up this vital document that allows them to communicate their wishes and make things easier for their loved ones. Guardianship of minor children might be one of the most important reason to make a Will as well as to provide security for your loved ones.

Your original will and testament will be archived and kept safe by our office and a friendly member of our qualified team will contact you annually to enquire whether you require any changes to your existing will


Trusts are most commonly used to protect assets, preserve wealth and minimize any unnecessary estate taxes. Geyser & Coetzee Attorneys can assist in drafting a comprehensive trust to suit each client’s specific needs.

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