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Property  Law

When planning to buy, sell or lease a property, it is best to obtain legal assistance of professionally skilled conveyancing lawyers to ensure the accurate and speedy processing and successful registration of your transfer. Geyser & Coetzee Attorneys can assist you with sound advice, proper explanation of the procedures involved, detailed outlay of the costs involved, up-to-date weekly feedback, and follow-up services.


We are fully versed in all areas relating to property law and offer the following services:

  • Drafting or perusal of Deeds of sale (residential and commercial)

  • Property transfers and registrations

  • Deceased Estate Transfers

  • Registration of Subdivisions

  • Opening of Sectional Title Registers and subsequent Sectional Title transfers

  • Drafting and registration of servitudes, certificates of registered title, certificates of consolidated titles, general plans, etc.

  • Registration of townships and sectional title schemes

  • Deeds office searches

  • Sectional Title and Share block schemes

  • Legislative and regulatory advice

  • Lease agreements

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DISCLAIMER: Everything displayed on this site shall be regarded as general information and in no way should it be interpreted as legal advice. You should contact an attorney directly regarding your own situation. Note that an attorney-client relationship will only be established after it's determined that there is no conflict of interest.

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