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Update Augustus 2019

Augustus 2019

Augustus 2019 

Dear Pensioner

As set out in our previous communique it was envisaged that we would approach the Court on 29 August 2019 in order to seek the Rule Nisi order which would provide for publication and the final hearing on 7 October 2019 to endorse the settlement agreement in order to have your first payments to be made during December 2019.

Unfortunately the technical and legal requirements in respect of the merger of the Funds is still under consideration by the respective actuaries and we have requested Transnet as a matter of urgency to expedite the process.

In order to circumvent any possible delay in the process we have furnished Transnet with a draft affidavit which we intend to file at Court in support of our Rule Nisi application. As soon as the above difficulties have been resolved we will furnish the members with such feedback and apologise for the delay.

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