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We would like to reassure all clients that we are still in the same offices we have been in for the last + - 17 years. We do however have an office to let on the top floor (the top floor has been rented out to several businesses over the years) the statements that we have moved is false and we would like to kindly ask people to refrain from spreading false information. Thank you so much for the wonderful people out there bringing this to our attention. We appreciate all the positive response and support from the public and for that we thank you.


Transnet Pensioner Update 11 August 2017 

The date of the hearing in the constitutional court is 16 November 2017 at 10:00 

Follow the link below for more information .

Directions in CCT 95-17 Transnet.pdf Directions in CCT 95-17 Transnet.pdf
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Transnet Pensioner update 06 April 2017 

The Judge President of the Supreme Court of Appeal finally dismissed the Pensioners' application for special leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Appeal on the basis that there are no extraordinary circumstances justifying the reconsideration of the initial refusal to grant leave to appeal.


Following the advice of our lead senior counsel, Advocate Wim Trengove SC we have decided to apply to the Constitutional Court for direct access to the Constitutional Court to appeal the ruling by the High Court in Pretoria. 


We will, therefore, file the necessary affidavits and documentation with the Constitutional Court during the course of April 2017 as is prescribed in the Rules of the Constitutional Court.  Our legal team is currently busy with the preparation of the necessary documentation.


Although we are not in a position to provide a precise timeframe when this application will be finalised we can inform you that in our experience applications for leave to appeal to the Constitutional Court takes approximately three months to be finalised.


We can assure you that this decision taken was not done without due consideration and appreciation of all factors, but we regard it in the interests of all the pensioners to have the relevant legal issue decided by the Highest Court in the land.  The legal issues under consideration are largely novel legal issues and in the end, the final decision would, in any event, lay with the Constitutional Court.   Unfortunately, we had to follow the prescribed legal process and it was therefore only open for us to approach the Constitutional Court once final determination had been made by the Supreme Court of Appeal in this regard.


The legal team remains dedicated to the course and also confident that the outcome of this application will be positive and beneficial to all pensioners.   Unfortunately, the process is a prolonged one and takes time.  We are bound by these timeframes and cannot do anything to expedite the procedure at this stage.

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